How To Crack ACCA Exams In The First Attempt?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, popularly known as the ACCA, is the global body for professional accountants. As the world’s largest leading body for professional accountants, the ACCA qualification is highly sought after by potential employers. The primary reason why individuals with ACCA qualifications are among the most desired professionals is because ACCA has set very high parameters for their membership exam. An ACCA qualification can make your career grow as it is highly recognized in over 180 countries.

In modern times, every business, irrespective of the sector or domain, will require a skilled and qualified accountant to run a company successfully. If you are interested in making a lucrative career in finance, you must go for the ACCA examination.

Attempting the ACCA for the first time may demand a lot of hard work and perseverance as the examination can be challenging. With the vast syllabus with numerous topics, you may require to adapt different study techniques and approaches to qualify for the examination in one go.

If you are planning to appear for an examination, consider registering your candidature for ACCA membership before registering for the examination.

Read this article for tips to crack the ACCA examination in the first attempt.

1. Plan: Planning is a central aspect no matter your objective. Before appearing for an examination, you must look at the syllabus. Getting familiar with the syllabus can help you plan your days and allot topics for each day that can help you cover the syllabus on time while offering enough time to revise and solve practice papers.

2. Make a Schedule: Making a schedule that best suits you can be excellent to study consistently. It can act as a discipline on the journey to conquer the prestigious examination.

3. Make optimum use of free online resources: Looking at the ACCA resources available online, you can ensure that you do not miss any aspect of the syllabus. The free resources also include ACCA websites that cover the entire syllabus.

4. Get all your doubts sorted before hopping to the next topic: While studying a particular module or topic, make sure to understand every bit before moving to the next topic. Preparing a running list of doubts can be wise as you can get them clarified whenever you get a chance.

5. Enroll for a preparatory course, if needed: A structured preparatory course for the ACCA examination typically lasts for two and a half years can prepare prospective students to become professional accountants successfully. It equips the students with knowledge and skills that can empower them to qualify for the exam and fulfill their dream of entering the world of finance.

6. Stay in touch with candidates appearing for the same exam: Opting for group study or staying in touch through the social group can help remain updated with the latest news. Moreover, you can use the group study to clarify your doubts and earn extra knowledge you may have missed while covering the syllabus.

7. Solve practice papers: Last but most important aspect of ACCA preparation is solving practice papers. This can help you get familiar with the questions to expect in the examination. Solving practice papers can prepare you to get hold of the particular exam.

If you intend to sit for the ACCA exam with a vision of qualifying on the first attempt, you must consider opting for a formal preparatory course from top-notch Canadian institutions. Enroll now!