How Does Child Custody Work Without A Court Order?

child custody

Child custody is some of the hardest law to perform and can come with the biggest baggage and the most difficult clients. That being said, sometimes people simply do not want to go to court for child custody cases and other alternatives are needed. For those looking for a San Antonio child custody lawyer, Amsberry Law can help.

What Happens During Child Custody with No Court Order?

Court ordered child custody cases are not the norm for many people. For some people that share children, it is better for them to come up with a child custody agreement between both parties then have it solidified by an attorney or a law office. For those that do not have a contentious divorce or that do not have any sort of contested agreements, meeting with an attorney is a great way to create a custody agreement that works for both parties.

Now, you can do this without a lawyer, the problem with creating your own agreement and not involving a lawyer is that if something changes, if a new spouse is introduced, if one party wants to move, or if there does begin to be tension between both parties, even if the agreement has worked well for a very long time, it can still be difficult to keep that agreement up and if you did not get a lawyer, there is no legal standing to keep that agreement in place.

If both parties are able and willing to meet with an attorney it is ideal as the attorney can draft the agreement, have both parties sign, and can have a legal binding document drawn up that keeps the agreement in place and shows that both parties agreed. The truth is that times change and so do people and what worked at one point in your relationship may not still be working. It is always helpful to have a written agreement in place so that if one party tries to change the terms or if they violate the agreement that you have, you do have some legal standing to intervene.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

A lawyer can provide a neutral space where both parties can meet and hash out an agreement that works for them. Instead of hoping that both parties are going to keep to the agreement, it is much easier to have something legal and in writing that you can refer back to and that you can use to make sure that both parents are getting what they agreed on.

Lawyers also retain records; this means that they are going to keep records of any agreement that you make, and they are going to have copies that you can refer back to if one party does not remember the terms that they agreed to. This type of record keeping makes it so much easier to go back and see what you agreed on and then refer to it if things need to be changed or if things are in question.

Yet another benefit is that a Denver child custody lawyer (or lawyer in your area) is going to be able to help you learn what is ok and what you can ask for in terms of child custody and agreements that you might want to make. Instead of having to worry about if you are stepping over boundaries or you are asking for things that are not ok, you can ask a lawyer what a typical custody agreement might be and might look like.

A lawyer can also help to create a legal document that is binding and that cannot be broken.  Having a legal custody agreement in place is going to make it easier to get your kids on a good schedule and to prevent issues should the other parent go against the agreement that you first set out. Your lawyer can help answer any questions that you might have, they can help to illustrate what is happening and what you need to do to make the agreement binding, and they can also help you to make sure your agreement is going to stand up in a court of law.

Child custody cases can be so difficult, they can be trying, they can make former partners hate one another and they can be detrimental to kids that are being talked about and agreed upon. The help of a lawyer is going to make things go easier, make things go faster and can also help make sure that both people are ok with the agreement and that things are going to be binding and hold up. Child custody does not have to go to a court case and does not have to be court mandated, with the help of a great lawyer, you can get your custody agreement taken care of quickly and easily.