How Do You Prank Call Someone with Apps?

How Do You Prank Call Someone with Apps

From experienced pranksters to a group of friends chilling on a Sunday afternoon, the prank call has always been a great way to hilariously pass the time. But playing a prank call well is a challenge in itself, and it takes several tools to get it right.  Having good improv skills, a good prank script and the ability to hold your nerve when doing this prank is essential.How Do You Prank Call Someone with Apps

So how do you prank call someone if you don’t have these skills? The answer is Prank Apps. Prank Apps were developed to fool around, offering fun features to enhance prank calls while making them more convenient and ensuring anonymity.

Below are our best prank calling apps you need to try today, let’s start!


It’s no surprise that the company responsible for providing the best prank calls on youtube is among our top recommendations for prank apps. This prank app simulates a prank call, by sending automated prerecording’s once your friend answers the phone.

Prerecordings are recorded by voice actors, each containing fun and unique scenarios – a jealous boyfriend demanding you stay away from his girl or a frustrated uber driving arriving too early. In addition to high-quality voice acting and a diverse selection of prank scripts, you’ll also have access to various accents on specific scripts.

So how do you prank call someone? Relatively straight-forward compared to most apps, do so by choosing a prank scenario which best suits your target, and make the call. Since calls are done online, no calling fees exist and to top it off users are credited one prank call a day free of charge. Sound too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it; see for yourself by downloading their app!

MagicCall- Voice Changer App

If this isn’t your first attempt at a prank call and happen to be a certified prankster who can dish it out, then a voice changing app can make a great addition. If you’re quickly recognized due to having familiar speech patterns or speaking distinctly, Magic Call will instantly transform the way you sound.

This app offers a nice selection of sound effects that will mask your voice completely, which include Male, Female, Kid Cartoon and DreamGirl. In conjunction with making voice adjustments, you can also play background effects to throw people off, including Traffic and Concert.

Before any prank call, users can utilize it’s demo function to apply sound effects. After recording yourself, you’ll receive playback information of the recording to hear the applied voice adjustments. Perhaps most impressively, you’ll also be able to make voice changes during a live call, making it appear there are multiple personalities on the line.[adsense]

Air Horn Phone: Prank App

If you really want to get back at someone, the Air Horn Phone prank app will do exactly that. Although reactions will vary to this prank, it is more often than not a great way to get payback.

This prank call simulator is not your traditional prank calling app; instead, it is an air horn used to catch people off guard. To successfully pull this off, you’ll need to ask a friend to take a phone call on your behalf.

First, press the ‘GO’ icon and make sure to sufficiently lower the air horn volume, ensuring the recipient will remain unharmed. Once airhorn sound levels are set to a safe level, the app will display a dialling screen to simulate a phone call. Once your friend has the phone pressed up against their ear, the airhorn will proceed to play.

Fake Call

This prank call simulator doesn’t let users make calls. Instead, you will be the one receiving a call, prearrange beforehand. You’re probably wondering how this translates into a prank, but you’ll be surprised on how convincing a fake incoming call can be.

Schedule a call, answer the phone and pretend to engage in a conversation. Since dialogue is entirely up to you, you’ll be able to play whatever prank you wish. Examples include tricking the kids by speaking to their favorite social media star, or pretending you need to leave because of an emergency.

Similarly, the app also possesses a fake SMS feature, which allows you to send text messages to yourself. Fake text messages may be even more convincing than it’s bogus call counterpart, as you’ll have actual proof of a message being received.