How Can Stop Others Deleting, Renaming Or Changing Your PC Data Without Your Permission

When we are not at home, and that problem is that your absence others would use the PC, so do not delete our precious data. Or put in another dangerous type of file system, or data without the second place, a place you will not make the paste. This software is so that others will stop all this, and we all need at this time, when we are not at home.Prevent[adsense]Prevent Main Features are:

1- Prevent can stops Cut, Paste, Copy, Delete, Copy To, Move to, Send To, renaming in your right click menu option,
2- Also Prevent can disable your window Task Manager-End Process button.
3- Also it doesn’t allow you to right click option on process name and click on end process.
4- set your hotkey as Ctrl+P to stop Prevent. The default hotkeys are Win+F8 and Win+F9, but the single hotkey set by you will kill both processes at the same time.

Prevent is a freeware software, which runs on all Windows, you can download free from its official website: