Here’s How You Can Begin Learning Classical Dancing In Your Adulthood

When was the last time you had that dream of taking centre stage and mesmerising your audience with your breathtaking performance? When was the last time you had seen your best friend’s daughter wearing that beautiful Bharatnatyam costume for the first time and toddling up to the stage and wishing if only you could be her?

Well, the time and tide must not have been in your favour back then, and the circumstances might not have been supportive either. Nevertheless, it is never too late to start again. It could be possible that the hectic schedules of managing your studies and other activities did not spare you a minute to fulfil your dream of learning classical dances of India forms.

As you grew up and enlisted yourself in the rat race of professional competition, you never got the chance to fulfil that dream of yours. With time, as you become a loving wife and mother, you barely have time left for yourself. But you should never forget to love and pamper yourself, and that is why even when you are a full-time multitasker, you must take time for yourself and get enrolled in an academy of classical dances of India.

Surprised? Of what might become of you the moment you enter that room full of skilled dancers half your age? Well, that is exactly what you should not be thinking or noticing. Besides, if you want to start the classes without joining any academy, you can always look for online classical dances of India tutorials which can teach you the various dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam, Odissi, and more. Once you are confident enough after having gathered the elementary knowledge of your favourite Indian classical dance form, you can look up the nearest dance academy and get yourself enrolled there.

Legendary Indian classical dancers have always believed that age has nothing to do with any art form, and it is never too late to begin, only if you have the deep-seated desire and dedication to materialising the desire. So, if you are a passionate wannabe dancer, do not look back, instead raise your feet to that first beat. Nothing can stop you after that. Here is how you can kick-start your dancing career:


If you have always felt your pulse racing with the energetic and vivacious moves of this dance form, you can start with the basic lessons on the footwork, the mudras (the hand movements), and the facial expressions. These are the fundamentals of Bharatnatyam that need to be assimilated and practised first before moving on to a full-fledged dance recital. With strict emphasis on footwork, this dance form might make your feet burn initially but as you know, no pain no gain!


How often have you thought that the dance form of Odissi is an exuberant manifestation of feminine beauty and full of spiritual devotion at the same time? Well, that is true, especially with the attribution to worshipping Lord Jagannath it has. It is like a divine medley of movement and gestures that merge the human soul with the deity. One of the oldest and most sacred dance forms in India, Odissi holds a distinct identity among all the other classical dances of India forms especially because of the immaculate foot positions and the body postures. What’s more? With the waist movements in Odissi you would be getting rid of those ugly love handles in no time!


Has the music of the sarangi and thumri played in its tune ever made you cry? Have you felt the pangs of separation in the Kathak dancer’s rendition of the dance recital to that song resonate in you? If all the answers are in the affirmative, then you are truly a fan of the Kathak dance form. With the vibrant costumes and mind-boggling footwork, topped with the flawless facial expressions of Kathak, the dance is a form of storytelling, and it is indeed soothing to the eye and soul. Tatkaar or the complicated footwork is the first thing you need to learn in sync with the rhythmic beats if you want to learn Kathak.

Over the years the gurukul concept has evolved a lot, and what previously was the austere lessons behind the closed doors of the guru’s academy with the other shishyas, has become very interactive and friendly now. Especially with the neighbourhood dance groups cropping up everywhere exclusively for the working women and the adults who had never had any formal training in dance, you can shed your inhibitions and listen to your heart. Although it might be initially overwhelming for your schedule but there are various benefits of dance for body, and mind, you will soon get the hang of it and actually feel rejuvenated after every dance class. Life is not easy, nor will be this huge decision to take up classical dances of India classes in your adulthood, but when you look into the mirror and see that glow of having your childhood wish fulfilled on your face, nothing will be difficult anymore. After all, this is the best gift you have given yourself in all these years!