Helpful Methods You Can Use To Pass Microsoft MS-900 Certification Exam In One Try


Whether you are taking the Microsoft Certification Practice Exam for the first time or you already have experience passing different Microsoft tests, you will need some verified tips to help you obtain the necessary score from the first time. The MS-900 certification test is necessary for obtaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals designation, which focuses on validating the candidates’ skills in using the Software as a Service cloud model and the available Microsoft 365 cloud service tools. While developing advanced knowledge on the tested skills can be a wise strategy, you can use the tips below to secure your success in such a test.

Effective Tips to Pass Microsoft MS-900

Before we dive into the evaluation tips, let us get to know some exam facts. Thus, the registration fee for this test is $99. Besides, it is available not only in the English language, but also in German, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and French. As the test difficulty is quite high and the competition is intense, you can use the following tips to increase your chances to get the minimum score in it from the first try.

  • Check your initial preparedness level

First of all, before you start the preparation process for the MS-900 test, you will need to check your preparedness status. Therefore, you should begin by checking the exam blueprint. Usually, it includes details on the skills that the candidates need to develop to earn the required score. This exercise will help you get to know the exam structure and understand how much you know of the topics included in the syllabus. Thus, based on your self-evaluation score, you will know what domains you need to focus on more. Also, it will help you choose training materials that focus on those areas.

  • Identify verified training materials

Learning from official sources is essential when you want to succeed in the main MS-900 test. Therefore, you should start your preparation process with the vendor’s site. Currently, Microsoft offers both paid and free training materials for candidates who want to get certified. For instance, the paid option is an instructor-led training that can be found under the code MS-900T01-A. Also, you can use self-study resources which can be accessed for free. For example, you can check the learning modules that will help you consolidate your ability to manage the Microsoft 365 teamwork and .

  • Manage your time and stay as calm as possible

The reason why the majority of candidates fail to pass the MS-900 exam is that they run out of time. So, an efficient strategy would be to check your response time for each question to know how much time you have left. Also, many exam-takers are too stressed when they take the final test and thus, cannot concentrate on finding the correct answer. Anyway, you must understand that it’s not mandatory to shoot the perfect score. All you need is to answer a sufficient number of questions that will grant you the minimum passing score.[adsense]


The Microsoft MS-900 certification test is an important opportunity for your career path that you cannot miss. And you can definitely leverage your chances to get certified from the first try if you pay attention to the tips described above. As long as you use verified training materials and use proper advice, your chances to pass such an evaluation are considerably higher in comparison to your competition.