Great Application Turn Your Android Device Into 3D User Interface

No doubt SPB Shell 3D is the world’s most popular paid mobile application that allows users optimize their mobile phone to their personal needs. Pretty Neat looks like it is cool and fun and it would be great to see how well your phone would respond to this whether this would be an absolute battery drain or as it looks like it may be able to run without their being much problems. It makes your handset feel like a brand new phone. It goes way beyond what other home screen replacements have done. See this video to get introduced to the next generation mobile user interface that makes your Android experience more rich and effective.

Main Features:SPB-Shell-3D

  • Intuitive 3D model of your Home screen.
  • Innovative way to manage your programs.
  • Cool widgets to customize your Home screen.
  • Rich functionality directly at your Home screen.
  • Discover features in a fun way.[adsense]



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