[Giveaway of the Day] AceThinker Video Master

AceThinker Video Master, the ultimate comprehensive media suite to control the whole life of your videos by creating, enhancing and playing them within seconds! AceThinker Video Master is one of the most powerful, versatile multimedia solution which you can use to convert and modify video files with ease between a large variety of relevant and important video formats. Giveaway version has the same functions as the full version.AceThinker Video Master (4)

This Video Master from AceThinker gives you the option to download your favorite videos from almost any video sharing websites. If the live video has been uploaded, it is very easy to download using this program. This tool has everything you need as it is an all-in-one program for your video needs. This includes screen recording, video converting and will allow you to make your own movies with a great in-suite editor.

This product is not available in the giveaway campaign that you can get the free copy within 3 steps. You can also read the main features after the jump.

  • Visit www.acethinker.com and enter your email address
  • Obtain the email sent from our system
  • Download, install and activate the software with instruction in your email

I. Download Videos With Ease

AceThinker Video Master allows you to collect and download your desired video from more than 100 of your favorite video hosting websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and MetaCafé. It also has video detector to grab videos streamed on your browser automatically.AceThinker Video Master

Master the usage of this program by having a glimpse on the guide here, where you will learn, that you just need copy and paste your favorite video’s url into the program’s browser, and it will automatically download the video for you.

STEP 1 – Download the suitable version
Before anything, just download the right version of Video Master by clicking the button below. After downloading, install the program following the intuitive wizard.
download freedownload free (2)

STEP 2 – Prepare for capturing
AceThinker Video Master comes with a straightforward and user-friendly interface to navigate on. The intuitive starter interface gives you fresh look with clear instruction about what to do next. Converting videos only requires a couple of clicks, you can simply click on “Add files” to copy it into the interface to convert it among the 50+ available video and audio formats, such as MP3, AVI or WMV. Once the interface is open, select the “Download” tab. In the URL section, paste in the URL of the video you wish to download. Afterwards you can select the quality you would like the video in.AceThinker Video Master (2)

STEP 3 – Capture and download the video of your need
Once having all those quality configurations set, just click on “Add to Download” and your previously copied URL will be put inside the program, that will analyze it, and therefore your file should start to download.

II. Do Video Conversion Within A Moment

Apart from video downloading, AceThinker Video Master can be used for video conversion, however never forget that the program offers you the complete control over your videos! AceThinker can empower you to do major changes on your video via the in-built advanced editor, such as trimming your video to cut the unnecessary parts and customize them to your personal taste in all aspects.

Within the user-friendly and straightforward editor interface, you can also enhance your video files like a pro without any earlier knowledge! Enhance the colors, contrast, or video brightness, saturation and many more. In addition, you can highlight your creation by inserting your portrait, favorite icon and use other professional tools to add watermark, your motto and other texts, such as your name to your video!

For conversion, you can follow very straightforward steps:[adsense]

STEP 1 – Load in your video
Once you downloaded your video previously, click on the ‘Open’ button on the Conversion tab of the interface of the tool, to add the file to your conversion list.

STEP 2 – Set the conversion settings
Before conversion, go to the ‘Profiles Menu’ and select the format type, which is most suitable to your case. By clicking on the ‘Settings’ button, you can also adjust the quality of the file to be converted, among other settings such as bitrate, resolution, and other options.

STEP 3 – Convert your favorite video
After adjusting your settings, hit the ‘Convert’ button to convert your video file to a widely compatible video format. It can take a while depending on the video file size you are converting. Once the process is completed, you can save your converted video on your computer’s hard disk.AceThinker Video Master

III. Create Professional Sceencast

AceThinker Video Master also has a premium feature for making professional screencast with sound, annotation and more, making it possible to create videos by recording the ongoing activities on your screen. You can choose to record either full screen, or the recording of a specific region. Let’s choose that we only record a specific region of the screen in our case, as we only need the area around the video to capture. In this case we can highlight the region which we want to record, and once selected, we can click on the “Ok” button and the countdown begins and the recording will start in seconds. After recording your desired length, by clicking on the STOP button the program will automatically save the chosen video on your computer’s hard disk.AceThinker Video Master (2)

IV. Develop Professional Slideshow Movies

Last but not least, you can create and customize your own professional slideshow movie by uploading and connecting pictures, adding special and dynamic movement effects, background music and many more to your creation! Our unique MV player can help you create vivid photo albums, personal footages, and organize your images on story board with loads of visual effects which stimulate the creativity. All you need to do is paste your favorite images into the program, and then choose among the many available professional effects to bring life into your slideshow.AceThinker Video Master (3)

Video master is therefore a versatile tool to fulfill all your needs on processing media contents. Whether you’re looking for playing an incompatible video on your mobile phone, customizing your own footage, making a tutorial video for sharing online or just collecting some awesome clips from video platforms, Video Master is the best answer. Either you can be a teacher or corporate trainer looking for the best way to enhance and distribute your newly done educational video to your students or clients with minimal issues, a blogger or YouTuber aiming for smoother and enhanced video experience for your fans, or just a video editor newbie who would like to transfer that high definition Mac video to your grandmother’s old computer without any issues, AceThinker Video Master will surely be your favorite tool.

– AceThinker Video Master supports virtually any relevant and widely used output format, which you can access through a transparent and well-defined menu.
– The program provides very fast and easy to use video conversion.
– Any video file type is supported by the tool

– The trial version of the program has a couple of restrictions regarding the available functions, therefore you are recommended to purchase the complete version uncover all the benefits.
– For more advanced video editing it is beneficial to use more specific video editor tools