Get Rid All Mobile PC Suite, Connect Direct Smart Phone With PC Or Laptop Absolutely Free

No need to install any application on your computer, just connect Android smart phone and Apple iPhone through a web browser. Only install a smart application on your Android devices from Google play store. AirDroid Web allows you to access and manage your Android with PC or Laptop easily, without a cable, all over the air.
They provide four methods to build the connection between AirDroid Web and your Android device, using AirDroid account, Using QR code and Using Lite Mode.airdroid

Main Features:

1- Calls, SMS and the app notifications you allowed, mirrored to the large computer screen you are focusing on.
2- Type with a full physical keyboard and control with the mouse. Transfer things faster without looking for a cable. Better equipments, better life.
3- Air Mirror is a brand new way of interacting between PC/Mac and your Android. Your Android right on your computer right now.AirDroid smartphone

Download and install AirDroid on your computer:

Add one or more Android devices to your account:

Android on a web browser: