[Free Windows Giveaway] Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro Mac And PDF Writer

In digital life, there’re times that we need to show others things happening on screen in terms of tech problem, tutorials, gameplay, etc. We may also need to create our own videos by recording the activity on screen, such as live chat with friends, web videos, self-demonstration, etc. Developed by Acethinker Limited, AceThinker’s Screen Grabber Pro is a versatile tool for people to capture screen in the way of creating screencast/screenshots. It features an intuitive interface that you could easily control over the process without learning curve.Giveaway Acethinker

Main Features:
1. Record all activities on screen with no hassle

It’s only a few clicks away from recording your computer screen, you could choose from full screen or regional screen modes for performing the screencasts. And you may also activate these actions with hotkeys set in the program, too.

2. Integrate multimedia into your Recording

When it’s necessary to include more elements into screen recording, this app fulfills your needs in perfect way:
* System sound: Add the sound being played on your system into screencasts, for instance, the sound from radio station or your local media files.1-starter-interface *  Microphone Voice/Webcam: If you prefer, you could include your voice into recording and also adjust the volume. Moreover, you may also add the webcam on screen by clicking a button and to add your face into the video. It’s beneficial when you’re describing something on your computer or creating an e-learning courseware.

 Mouse Click/Effects: It’s possible to record every click you make with your mouse along with cursor effects, too. This will create highlight on your screen and to make your tutorial videos more demonstrative.2-record-in-real-time

3. More Function

Advanced Video Settings: Experience users could go through the customization of frame rate, bitrate, sound volume and more for creating the video.4-settings * Snapshot: You could also conduct snapshots on your screen for quickly creating screenshots of any part on the screen.3-make-snapshot

Program Information:
Version: 2.5.0
Supported System: Intel-based Mac (32-bit or 64-bit) 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks & 10.10 Yosemite and above
Price: $29.95 for installing on 2 PCs

Giveaway Campaign:
Acethinker is currently holding a giveaway campaign for users which means that you could get a full version of this app at no cost. Head to its giveaway page, you could access Acethinker PDF writer for windows and Acethinker Screen Grab Pro for Mac for free and utilize all functions as described without limits. Enjoy your screen recording and don’t forget to send feedback or any concerns to the developer, they provide life time tech support for all users.