Four Tablespoons Of Russian Magic Formula to Get Rid of the Cancer

Russian Magic Formula To Get Rid Of The Cancer

This home recipe revolutionary prepared by the Russian Dr Hristo Mermerski. So many people can get rid of the causes of cancer and the treatment of it. This recipe works to clean up the blood vessels and enhance the work of the immune system in humans. It is working on the heart and cleaning the kidneys and liver treat and protect against heart attack and improvement of memory. Therefore, it is the best natural recipes for the treatment of cancer and access to good health thanks to improved functionality and the principal organs of the body and that accrue to human activity and vitality. Russian Dr Hristo Mermerski who gave us this recipe said that this recipe is a food treats the whole body and being treated for cancer. We review some of the benefits of the components of each recipe separately before submitting the recipe.Russian Magic Formula To Get Rid Of The Cancer

The first ingredient is Lemon, a major therapeutic benefits it prevents cancer and improves the work of the digestive system and is used in the treatment of colds and flu and maintains healthy teeth and is used in the accursed a lot of benefits. Second materials is garlic cloves and it is liable to change the course of your entire life. Third ingredient is honey helps the softer tissue and calcium the body’s survival as and honey good remover for cough and has a soothing effect for tonsils, throat, treats digestive disorders and useful in cases of difficulty ingestion and dry throat, dry cough and a lot of other benefits that you need for members of a special theme we are talking about the benefits of honey. The fourth ingredient the wheat and is used in medicines and medical treatment. Fifth materials is extend the body energy because it contains many vitamins, especially vitamin B.

Recipe components and Ingredients:

1- Lemon 15 Nos.

2- Fresh garlic cloves 12 Nos.

3- Natural honey 1 kg.

4- Wheat (descent) 400 grams.

5- Walnuts 400 grams.[adsense]

Place the wheat in a large bowl, then pour water over it and leave it for the whole night, after 12 hours then wash again. Place the wheat grains after drying them in a bowl and leave it for 24 hours.

Mixing the components of the recipe method:

Then crush walnuts and clove garlic. Then squeeze five lemons sour, and add to the mixture of wheat descent, squeeze ten remaining sour lemons and combine ingredients until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Now, add the honey and mix with a wooden spoon, then put the mixture in a jar and put it in the refrigerator.
Leave the mixture for three days before use. Take this mixture of a teaspoon before breakfast, before lunch and before going to sleep. Use this mixture to treat cancer and enjoy happy life.