Five Best Android Applications 2016 – For Read Daily Ramadan Duas

In this world of today where everything is going on a fast pace, and technological advancement has changed the lifestyle to the maximum. People today find less time for praying as many other activities have possessed our lives inside and out. Make people connect with their religion more often android technology has introduced many Ramadan dua apps helping people to stay close to Islam while performing their daily activities. Some of the most downloaded Ramadan Calendar 2016 apps are as follow.Read daily ramadan duas

Ramadan Calendar 2016 Timings:
Ramadan Calendar 2016 developed by Brilliant Innovator is an exciting Islamic app that features important Ramadan duas, durood shareef and sehr, iftar timings to help Muslims world over connect and practice fasting religiously. The app includes Ramadan Calendar 2016 for 5 countries: AUS, UK, PAK, USA and Canada.

Light of Islam:
This app is for those who want to lead their lives according to the principles of Islam. It contains a complete code of life and is very popular among users. The main features of this app are it provides the user with complete information on anything regarding Islam. The user can read the Holy Quran with the translation, the accurate prayer times five times a day no matter where you are in the world are a plus point of this app. Also the Hijri and Gregorian calendars are available for the ease of the user.
A wide collection of hadith and Ramadan dua as well as questions regarding any matter relative to Islam can be asked at any time and answers are provided as per Sunnah and Holy Quran that make this app wholesome. The app also features a ramadan calendar 2016 to offer sehr and iftar timings according to location provided by the user during the holy month. The ninety-nine names of Allah are also mentioned as well as the option of finding the nearest mosque with the Map of the area to make this app a must for everyone.

Hadith Collection:
As the name suggests the app is all about the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). It has a wide array of hadith relating to every walk of life and is not only authentic but also serves as guidance to all Muslims seeking it. The hadith are quoted from Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud and Malik’s Muwatta. Also the Hadith are available in Arabic mattan and for better understanding translated in different languages.

Dua and Azkar:
This app promises to be authentic and accurate in providing the users with essential duas including Ramadan dua, which are collected from various Islamic books and are certified by ulemas and imams. The app has a wide collection of Ramadan duas for every occasion and is available on Google Playstore. Because of its high density of duas grouped into different categories such as Ramadan dua, it does not work with the older versions of Android and can be easily downloaded for the new version. The app promises to be error-free and appreciates feedback of any possible errors found by the user. The app does not include information for Ramadan Calendar 2016.

Ramadan Fitness Challenge:
The app is all about keeping fit and healthy throughout the holy month of Ramadan. It provides both men and women with a wide range of different work-outs to be carried according to the body-shape, size and weight. A note from the trainer appreciates the use of exercise and work-out before iftar as it is considered to be healthier. Different levels of exercise are provided like the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, which are increased as the user progresses in the exercise routine. The main types of exercises like the lunges, push-ups, triceps dips and much more are included for the utility of the user to attain fitness and maintain it all through the month of Ramadan. The app is exclusive to health and fitness only and does not include Ramadan dua & Ramadan Calendar 2016 details for users.

All the above mentioned apps feature ramadan dua & ramadan calendar 2016 details to help Muslims observe the month of fasting with religious fervor and zeal. Feel free to share with us the apps you use to keep in touch with the Ramadan sehar and iftar timings as well as zikr for the holy month.