Find Free WiFi at Your Nearest Location Using Facebook

Facebook is not only in the hearts of customers through interesting features. Even in this effort, it will be able to use the Internet more and more people around the world. In this regard, in many countries of the world Facebook before it has even started a program to provide basic Internet. In addition, “Facebook Lite” and “Facebook Messenger data through Saver” is to ensure the efficient use of the Internet. The forward this regard, Facebook is testing a new program. Wifi Discovery

By whom Facebook users instead of another application or Web service, Facebook application will be able to learn through, where free internet is available in close to them.

This new feature is called Wifi Discovery, which will be able to find a free wireless internet or hotspot near the user. Free To use this feature, you must enable the location service, and Facebook will let you know the location of that close to you, such as a mall, shop or bus stop etc. Internet is available.[adsense]Wifi Discovery (2)

This new feature is available in the experimental stages and some countries, but hopes that next month it will be available to customers worldwide. Certainly using this new feature people will prefer to use Facebook.