Few Important and Easy Tips for WhatsApp’s Beginners

WhatsApp has millions of users, many of whom have recently started using the WhatsApp. Also, many old users use the WhatsApp to send and receive messages only, and do not know or are interested in either of the other important features in this application. Here we are telling a few simple tips, keeping some of these users here. Hope these important and easy tips will be helpful for everyone, comments me and share if you like .
Tips for WhatsApp's Beginners 1- Mark key messages:
You can mark important messages so that they can read or view these messages later. You can ask it to bookmark messages. Select the message you want to mark, namely, tapping it with a finger and then tap on the Icon of the stars above. This message will mark this way.
To view all the marked messages, click on the Icon with the menu’s three vertical marks (in which the menu contains settings for settings) and tap on Starred Messages. All marked messages will appear.
2- Singing unique tone of a group or message of a specific person:
You can set a unique ringtone from a particular person or to receive a notification in a specific group. As soon as you ring this ringtone, you will be able to find out which message or group has come. To set a ringtone for the group, open the group and go to Group Info and tap on the Custom Notification. From here you can choose your favorite color tone for this group.[adsense]When a person’s message is received, open the chat key to set a separate notification ringtone and tap the person’s name. This type of information will appear. Here you will see the option of Custom Notification. Tap it and choose a favorite ringtone. If you do not have any communication before this person, you can select this person by tapping it on the new message and then select the custom notification by tapping it on the name of the chat window.
3- Who blocked you:
If you feel that your friend has blocked you, check out his profile picture. If he is showing you, then it is likely that he has blocked you. Also, you can see the message by sending a message to this person. If there is a single tick look after the message has passed, it means that you have been blocked.
4- Finding a message on the WhatsApp:
If you are looking for a specific message in a chat, open this chat and then tap three points above. Here you have to select the search. Write a few words or letters of any message you want to find now, the WhatsApp will find your desired message.
5- Who has read your message in the group:
Tap on your message sent to the group and set it down. Then tap on the info icon at the top. The next minute there will be a list of all those people who have read your message and the list of those people who have reached your message, but they have not seen it right now.
6- Save data in WhatsApp call:
If you call through the WhatsApp and want more data to be used, tap on Settings from the menu. Then tap on the Data and Storage Usage. At the bottom, tap the Low Data Usage checkbox and check it out.