Facebook Introduced a New Android, iOS App for Teenagers

Facebook Introduced Lasso app

Facebook has introduced a new app that helps you share your short video sharing. So that users in this app can share videos with different filters and special effects. While music and text with video editing tools can also be part of their video. This app does not require users to share their videos only, by removing them, they can watch their interest videos. Whereas the popular hashtags can be searched.Facebook Introduced Lasso app

Facebook ‘Lasso’ named this app is similar to the popular app Musical.ly or Tik Tok in the teenager. This Facebook app is currently introduced in the US, which is part of the effort of attracting youth from Facebook. 50 percent of Americans use Facebook in the United States, although the rate was 70 percent in 2015, while Young users of Snapchat use 69%, young users of Instagram 72% and 85 percent of YouTube.[adsense]Facebook Lasso App

Facebook has been introduced silently and no announcement was made. In an email the company said that losing is a new stand-alone app for short and entertaining videos which will get videos from comedy, beauty to fitness on every topic. Users of this app can be logged in with Facebook or Instagram accounts while sharing videos may also share in Facebook stories. All the profiles and videos in this app will be public, it’s not possible to keep a private video. The feature of sharing on Instagram stores will be introduced soon.
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