Extremely Useful Ways to Clean Your House From Lizards

Lizards are that type of creature which found everywhere in the world and lizards are found in every corner of the building. If you want to avoid the lizards from your house it be possible. This purpose never forget the following useful tips. Using following methods also take care that the door of the kitchen and windows closed. Lizards have often gone into the rooms through windows and door corners so timely repair of broken or open corners of windows and doors.Clean House From Lizards

1- Coffee powder:
Mix tobacco and coffee powder and make small tablets from its new place these tablets in different corner of your house.

2- Phenyl butyrate:
Tablets of vinyl are also used to repel lizards like other insects.put these tablets in different sides of your house.

3- Feathers of peacock:
If you place feathers of peacock in different corner of your house so lizards will escape from your house.

4- Chilies:
Mix chilies in water spray this mixture in kitchen behind the fridge. Behind the stove and spray on others corners of your houses. Lizards repel and escape.

5- Cold water:
Throw cold water on lizards, they freeze and when that freeze puts these lizards into the dustbin and throw away from your house.

6- Fly Paper:
This is a sticky paper that can be placed in different places on the wall of lights. The lizard will be stuck with it and did not move.

7- Onion:
Put some pieces of onion near lizard s house. So they have no other option to leave their houses because lizards dislike the onion smell.

8- Shells of eggs:
If you place the shells of eggs in different places of your house so that lizards thinks that other living creature exist here so that lizards escape from that place.

9- Garlic:
Like onion, pieces of garlic is also used to scare the lizards and insist them to leave that place.[adsense]Clean House From Lizards_2