Extend Your Patio Season This Fall With These Tips

The leaves are changing color, the weather is getting cooler, and before you know it, winter will be here. But that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your patio! There are plenty of ways to continue enjoying outdoor living in the fall.

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your outdoor space when temperatures drop and the days shorten.


Add Some Color

Adding plants is one of the most effective ways to get more use out of your patio in the fall. Flowers, shrubs, and bushes add pops of color to your space and help to create a cozy atmosphere. Examples of plants ideal for outdoor living spaces include succulents, cacti, herbs, and flowers.

Choose plants suitable for your climate that thrive in the conditions you plant them in. Selecting plants that can tolerate cooler temperatures is important if you live in a colder climate. If you live in an area that’s warmer in the fall, go with plants that can handle more sun and heat.

Another way to add color to your patio is with landscape lighting. With colorful outdoor LED lighting, you can brighten your patio decor and continue using the space after the sun sets. Fixtures like up, down, and path lights create task lighting for grilling and ambient lighting for relaxing.


Add Some Heat

Generating some heat is one way to enjoy your patio during cooler months. A fire pit or outdoor fireplace is great for staying nice and toasty outside. Not only will a heat source keep you warm, but it will also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Use portable heaters if you don’t want to invest in a fire pit or fireplace.

If you add a heat source to your patio, you need proper fuel. You can use many different fuel sources for an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Wood is the most common, but you can also use propane, natural gas, or ethanol. Choose a fuel source that is safe and appropriate for your specific heat source.


Make It Cozy

Another way to get more use out of your patio in the fall is to make it cozy. For example, add some throws and pillows to your furniture to make it more comfortable. Patio furnishings should be weather-resistant, comfortable, and made from durable materials.


Keep Your Outdoor Kitchen Open Longer

As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, it’s tempting to pack up your outdoor kitchen for the season. But with a little preparation, you can keep outdoor cooking spaces open well into fall. Here are a few tips for extending the life of your outdoor kitchen:


  • Invest in some good weatherproof covers for your appliances. Quality covers help protect appliances like grills from the elements when you’re not using them.
  • Ensure your outdoor kitchen is well-insulated to help keep the heat in when it gets cold outside.
  • Consider adding a fireplace, fire pit, or a portable heat source to your outdoor kitchen. These heat sources will not only help you keep your exterior kitchen open longer, but they’ll also make it more inviting and enjoyable to use.


You can enjoy your outdoor space for longer with just a  few changes. So don’t let the cooler weather keep you inside – make the most of it and enjoy your patio!