Exclusive Offer Till 10 May 2016 – Giveaway For iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner

Are you experiencing issues like there isn’t enough space for your new pictures, videos and application? Or your iPhone gets stuck when playing a game? All these happen most often? Well, that is your iOS tools stating that the storage couldn’t catch your need. Worry no more, iMyfone Umateis here to the rescue. It is the best iPhone cleaner to address iPhone speed and storage issues. The iMyfone Umate software used to cost $29.95, but now it will be free of charge. The iMyfone company hold a giveaway event for this software. All the users reaching the event page can get a FREE license only by sharing this news through Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. It saves all of you $29.95. Great, right?Giveaway for iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner

Get a Free License for iMyfone Uamte iPhone Cleaner!

Follow the instructions to see what splendid functions Umate has and how it works.
Step 1. Launch and run iMyfone Umate on your computer, and then connect your iOS device to computer.01_Myfone Umate iPhone Cleaner

Step 2. Click “Quick Scan” to scan your iPhone completely.02_Myfone Umate iPhone Cleaner

with 25+ analyzing technologies, iMyfone Umate can scan your iPhone thoroughly.[adsense]03_Myfone Umate iPhone Cleaner

Step 3. Have a look at the result of the scanning, choose the item that you want to clear up and click “Clean”. Then this iPhone Cleaner will start to free up storage item by item.04_Myfone Umate iPhone Cleaner

Why Choose iMyfone Umate to be your iPhone Cleaner
Made by iMyfone Technology, the new iMyfone Umate is a valuable utility to make lots of storage space for people whose Apple devices are running out of space through diverse features such as:

  • Clean Up 25+ junk files & temporary files
  • Managing applications & uninstall Unused applications
  • Back up and delete large files which are over 5MB
  • Mass delete & lossless photo compression to reclaim at least 75% of photos’ space
  • Back up original pictures and other useful Data to laptop and desktop

Want a FREE license for the software, just go to the giveaway event page for iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner, and then license will be yours. Apart from the giveaway event, iMyfone company also offers discount of 70% off for other products, like iMyfone D-back software recovering your accidently deleted contacts, text message, photos etc.