Excellent Free Tool To Fix Write Protected USB And Folders Shortcuts Virus

Nowadays write Protected USB and memory cards have become a common problem. The cause of this USB and memory card is unable to use. With the help of this tool you can be formatted and fix wright protected USB flash drives and can work again. When USB becomes shortcut folders due to virus and files on the drive are not accessible, then you can you can be recovered with mUSBfixer. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 Windows 8 and 10.mUSBfixer tool

How Work mUsbFixer Tool:

1- First connect your USB or sd card to the computer.
2- Run mUsbFixer tool.
3- When you see the list of connected portable discs in the dropdown box, then select the appropriate disc.
4- Now click ‘Format Write Protected drive’ button to format a un-formatable USB or sd card.
5- Click ‘Recover shortcut folders’ to convert shortcut folders into normal folders and recover the data.

Download this free tool from: Free mUSBfixer tool