Estimated Cost for Software Development

Software Development Life Cycle models (SDLC), are models that facilitate the planning, development, testing, maintenance, and optimization of software.

A straightforward software with less user interaction or backend processing will be less expensive to develop. While, the cost of developing a complex application that handles financial transactions, requires a lot of interaction, and is linked to external systems will be significantly higher.

Acropolium has extensive experience guiding consumers through result-driven study phases and assisting with precise cost estimations for custom projects. The price of developing software depends on a variety of things including:

App Type And Complexities

Your choice could have a big impact on how much the full development process will cost. A basic app can be created with little difficulty and with little effort. In contrast, an Uber-like app needs sophisticated algorithms, a complex tech stack, and intensive backend processing.

Complexity Of UX/UI Design

Users frequently stop using an app after using for a while. Poor UI/navigation is typically to blame. 

The UX/UI design of each interface includes visual components such as buttons, fonts, icons, and colors. It also has to do with how simple it is for users to complete certain tasks. Developers must put in a lot of work to ensure the app is visually appealing and provides a positive user experience.

Back-End Infrastructure And Connected APIs

Users are attracted to the ride-hailing platform by features including geolocation, mapping, and a variety of payment methods. These features increase development cost because they take time or money to implement.

Building the appropriate modules will cost more if the program involves extensive data processing on the server side. Also, the server-side program might need to communicate with other systems. Using pre-made APIs could lower development expenses, but if a new data-exchange API is required, a fee will have to be paid.

Geographic Location

Employing software engineers might be expensive, depending on your region. It’s like if you live in the US or Western European countries, the cost of software is higher due to the hourly fee of developers.

But, there are several places where you can get software developed for a lot less money without sacrificing quality. With many seasoned engineers, Eastern Europe is a popular location for IT outsourcing, and you can find even more affordable rates in nations like China and India.


Your target audiences most likely use many platforms, therefore you should design distinct web, Android, and iOS versions of the app. Paying more for the development charge means creating an app for many platforms. To work on the various versions of the app, you’ll need to hire various development teams.

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Hiring Model

When choosing a developer, you are frequently given the choice of employing them on a fixed-rate, hourly, or dedicated team basis.

  • A fixed-rate loan means you’ll be paying a set amount for conditions that are described in detail.
  • In contrast, the hourly-rate model provides more latitude for adjusting to changing needs. You are charged for the labor hours and materials devoted to development.
  • The third alternative, the dedicated team, has been discovered by established companies to be an appealing style of collaboration. The startup will receive developers from the IT agency, and the startup will be responsible for paying the developers’ wages while they are working there.