Enjoy Touch Control Interface Of Microsoft Windows 8 Using Its Main Shortcuts

Everyone Microsoft windows lover knows that newly launched, Window 8 is designed to be both usable with a touch screen or a mouse and keyboard. So you can control this operating system touch and manually control equally. Windows 8 design theme focuses on simplicity, functionality, and touch accessible using tablet computers. Now Windows 8 has without old edges, drop shadows, and reflections. Its touch controls are effective when you have a smartphone.

Main Features Using Main Shortcuts:

1- Simply press the Windows key to displays the Start screen.
2- Microsoft Windows 8 has a brand new user interface and app model.
3- Microsoft windows 8 work well with or without a mouse and keyboard.
4- Very Fast and sweeping controls When Windows 8 starts.
5- Easy displays a lock screen with a picture and the time and date.[adsense]