Enhance your Mobile Optimization Skills with these Simple Moves!

It is the age of smartphones and miniature computing devices that can be carried everywhere. If recent stats are to be believed, 77% of Americans now own a smartphone, and almost half of this percentage has a tablet. While this seems like a great chance for companies yearning to make a mark in the online markets, getting the mobile optimization bit right is of utmost importance. A website that is a confusing mess of displaced text and shocking colors is likely to leave a bad taste.

Lead marketing strategies should focus on presenting an attractive image for the ever-multiplying mobile community. We look at some of the methods to engage in creating a great mobile interface for your website.

Mobile Optimization Tricks that Work

A Responsive Design will Go A Long Way: When you focus on creating a responsive design you are working around detecting the screen size that will be viewed by the visitor and proceed to tweak the size of images, spacing, and so on for generating the right fit. Instead of having to create separate versions for separate devices like Blackberry or iPhone perhaps, it detects resolutions and adjusts as per the fluid grids. Although this will indeed involve some work with respect to re-coding, the effort is well worth it owing to the time and cost it saves.

Optimize your Code for Enhancing your Page Speed: For any programmer, this is indeed the most important skill to learn. However, when it’s on the mobile interface, it becomes all the more important. Those accessing your website on a larger screen are likely to be more forgiving. However, mobile windows have shorter timeframes to keep the interest of the visitor fixed on their screen. If the site does not show up in its full glory within seconds, patience is likely to run out. There are several ways to achieve quick loading. You can try reducing the sizes of the image, you can try optimizing the intensive scripts and you can even skim out the unnecessary HTML. Marketing strategies have to be formulated well for achieving top speeds.

Move over Flash Choose HTML 5: If you are still stuck with flash and Java, it’s time to move over. Whereas the former is a fading trend the latter has already become old news. There are security flaws associated with both. Besides, both require plugins for working and both offer very minimal support for mobile interfacing. Thankfully, HTML 5 turns out to be the universal replacement for both. It is mostly guaranteed that whichever device is used for accessing your website, HTML 5 content can be viewed. It is important to start learning about HTML 5 even before you can develop web design layouts. Making switches once your website is developed will be extremely difficult.

Mobile optimization can be an excellent lead generation strategy. However, what needs to be understood is that people accessing websites on phones have very little patience. Cutting to the chase is therefore important. You need to provide useful information like Google map locations and contact numbers on the landing page.

The right digital marketing strategy can actually help your business stand out. Make sure you are proactive in strategic planning and execution.