Disable Your Computer or Laptop Spying System Using SpyVision Application

SpyVision is good program which allows disabling built into the computer by its manufacturer a spying system. It will provide safety for you, your family, your work. Also protect your data by the spying (tracking) system “Absolute company.” Using SpyVision you can make your Internet surfing more safe. Over 80% of laptops are fitted with tracking system for spying you. SpyVision disables these spying functions.


For using the program you should press only one button and it will find and offer to disable a computer spying system. That is all you should do.


1- The program does not conflict with the available anti-virus applications.
2- Both 32 – and 64-bit OS are supported.
3-The next time the program should be run only after the reinstalling the OS Windows.[adsense]

SpyvisionDownload free from its official website www.bertavision.com and if you deserve it then donate and support the author.