Difference Between A Laptop Computer And Microsoft Surface Tablet

The iPad does not come with a keyboard shows that iOS is too limited for it to function as a Laptop effectively. However for the Surface, the keyboard can be removed and used without. Not too many laptops can do that. Depending on the OS this surface thing could either do everything a laptop does and everything a tablet does. Or it may end not being good at either function, In which case no one will bother with it. You meed to realize this is a laptop. It just features a touch screen. Owning a laptop and a tablet is a bit redundant, of course an iPad can’t really function as a laptop because of OS limitations, but there is really no technical reason why a tablet with a real OS on it couldn’t work well as a laptop. I think, iPads would only be good if you can plug them into larger desktop style terminals and if they had the power of  the desktop, otherwise you have a smart phone, without the phone.Difference-between-Laptop-and-Microsoft-Surface


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