Detailed Guide To Buying The Right Projector


In businesses and offices, it is normal to bump into projectors because of handy they are during presentations. You must decide between various factors like which one to go for between DLP and LCD. You will have to make up your mind whether to choose WUXGA or settle for full HD features on your projector. To understand the same when you have never bought a project before can be hard which is the reason you must do some research to prepare. Compiled on this article are a number of factors you should pay attention to as you search for the best Epson projector model to purchase.


The only reason application matters is because one has to determine whether the projector is for home use or business use. The projector options that you get for both of these situations are different since the best option for home use should have 16:9 resolutions which is ideal for movies. Think of the noise level created by the fans when dispensing heat from the system. The lesser the noise produced the better the model actually is for your use. Business projectors on the other hand should be portable and easy to mount and carry around.


Do you understand what contrast means? This refers to the difference between black and white and the brightness observed. When the contrast of the projector you buy is high, expect the images to be sharper hence has more clarity than other projector options that had poor contrast features. For business projectors that are used during the day, contrast is not such a big issue. If you however need the projector for your home, you must choose projector options with good contrast to create the deep black when you are enjoying your movies at night.

Extra features

Once again, what are you using the projector for? Knowing the application of the projector you want can help you determine the features which you deem most useful. There are definitely different types of projectors which have diverse features meaning different options you find out have varying abilities. Features like optical zoom will help you attain flexibility with your home cinemas without distorting quality of video. Other factors that matter include the lens shift which can help move the projector vertical or horizontal wise without any disruptions for the display.  Keystone correction is also another feature which you must pay attention especially for sloping projection. They can help straighten the display or the video you are watching.

Maintenance costs

Like every other machinery, projectors are subject to wear and tear. This means that you should be ready to make necessary repairs and maintenance if you are to improve its longevity. How much does it cost you to buy a new lamp for your projector? The price of spare parts will often vary depending on the model of the projector that you are using. Before choosing any option, make sure the spare parts are readily available for your purchase and not give you trouble accessing them.


Which is the connection on the projector you are checking out, analog or digital? When talking of analog options, you should picture options like VGA, component video, S-Videos and even composite videos. Digital connections that people use are HDMI and even the DVI option. Projectors in the market come with different types of connections, some digital and some analog. Assess the options on your shortlist to determine the best that will fit your needs. It is recommended that you go for the HDMI or digital transmission option like HDMI for better quality of images.