Create Your Own Online Running Studio

Are you a social media star? If you have your own followers on social media, or you are aspiring to gain many, you can start your journey with this new trend. It is called online running and it is a fitness trend that’s made possible with the app called Vingo. Not only do you gain followers and create your own brand with it, you also get fit by working out every day. With our tips below, you can even set up your own studio and launch your own brand towards stardom.

Get a Treadmill for Your Studio

The first thing you will need is a treadmill. Any model will do and if it is a new one, it will be more than enough. You will need the treadmill to have Bluetooth connectivity features so that you can pair it with Vingo. Even if you have an older version of a treadmill, you can use it. Only here, you will have to enter some data manually in the app.

Connect the Treadmill With the Vingo App

Once you are ready for the treadmill, you need to install the Vingo app on your iPhone. You can even install it on your home desktop or iPad, for a better screen experience. The app is available in the App Store for Mac and Windows, and you can create your account in it as soon as you install it. You can then proceed to connect the Vingo app with your treadmill. The app will automatically detect your treadmill and pair with it. Once connected it will automatically detect and connect with the mill anytime you are around it.

Use VR Technology to Your Advantage

You are now set for indoor running with Virtual Reality before you. Inside the app you will find a lot of virtual maps based on scenic locations around the world. You can select your favourite from the maps and enter the virtual world. As you start running on the treadmill the app will move the maps forward, giving you an immersive experience while you run.

Do Your Exercises Daily for a Better Result

Using this online running app, you can go for running, and jogging trips right from the comfort of your home. You will never feel bored of treadmills, and you can post your daily progress on all your social media accounts. You can customise the way you look in the virtual world by creating your own avatar too. Add different outfits, equipment, and more and spice up your avatar as you exercise every day.

Have Fun While Working Out Inside Your Home / Room

You can chat with fellow runners inside the app using the voice chat feature, you can even add your pets to your avatar so you won’t miss them while you explore the virtual world. Vingo can even be used with a training bike as a biking app. You can spice up your exercises and your social media posts by shifting between running and cycling inside the virtual world.