Conference Room Signs

Meeting room

A great conference room sign displays the name of your room and can even display the availability of your conference room using sliding availability tabs. The proper sign design can add a level of professionalism to any office or workplace.

Nearly every office needs a conference room, and with that, a conference room sign. While your employees may know how to find their way to the meeting room, your clients and visitors may not.

What is a conference room sign?

Conference room digital sign describes any electronic displays in the workplace that communicate important information to your visitors and employees. They come in many different formats, such as a wall-mounted touch screen, an interactive kiosk display, and an A-frame conference room digital sign display.

Traditionally, conference room digital sign tools have been used in offices to communicate helpful details such as the availability of meeting rooms and workspaces, interactive maps of the office, event details, and employee directories.

Which Type of Signs Required for Your Conference Room?

As part of your conference room door sign (or as a standalone office sign) you may want to consider a moveable sign that allows those inside of the conference room to label whether the room is currently available, or whether it is in use. These door signs can be shifted as needed, and ensure that no one interrupts you during an important conversation.

Inner Logo/Branding

If you have a dedicated conference room, you may want to consider adding some type of logo or wall vinyl branding. You’ll be bringing both clients and employees into this conference room. It helps to make the entire room look professional with some type of logo or branding right there in the room.

Conference room sign solution

Digital Sign Client is a conference room sign solution for managing conference rooms. Book meetings directly on the sign outside of the conference rooms or in your standard Outlook® environment.

Digital Sign Client ensures that the information on the sign is up-to-date, improving internal and external communication. At the same time, our conference room signs can improve your brand recognition.


Digital Sign Client improves your company’s internal and external communication. Guests and employees can easily determine if they have found the correct conference room, and real-time updates ensure that they don’t enter the wrong room due to last minute changes.

You can configure the conference room sign to display video or background images with your corporate branding or other relevant information.