Complete List of those Universities that Eligible for Benevolent Fund Reimbursement


The Federal Employees Benevolent and Group Insurance Funds (FEB & GIF) was established in 1969. FEB & GIF cover all Pakistan Federal Government employees and the employee benefits. Especially educational Stipends and reimbursement of outstanding children of the Federal Government Employees. They provide insurance coverage, Benevolent Grant and benefits under other welfare schemes. About six millions Federal Government Employees are being covered under its welfare schemes.Universities-to-Eligible-for-Benevolent-Fund-Reimbursement-Below are the complete list of those Universities that eligible for benevolent fund reimbursement.

Eligible Universities for Benevolent Fund Reimbursement:

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Note: After 2013 Gilgit Baltistan is excluded FEB & GIF Coverage. They have their own provincial B.F. Army uniform persons are not eligible. Only civilian paid army personals are covered under FEBF & GI Act, 1969.