Comfortable And Adjustable Armrest With Mouse Pad For Next Generation

Ergo Arm Adjustable Armrest with Mouse Pad is basically designed to reduce aches and pains in the wrist, arm, shoulder and neck areas that may be caused by long term computer use. It can support up to 24 pounds to relieve straining on your wrists. Its three pivot points and two adjustable hinges can adjust your arm comfortably and effortlessly to perform your computer tasks.[wpsr_plusone]

Ergo Nav Adjustable, Mountable Mouse Pad Platform

Main Features:

1- Easily attaches to the armrest of your chair.
2- Allows you to adjust the angle of the pad for best comfort.
3- More improves your computer works.
4- Gives you to cruise the Internet in comfort.
5- Smoothly folds out of the way when necessary.[adsense]

Ergo Nav Adjustable, Mountable Mouse Pad PlatformAdditional information regarding this product, please refer to the manufacturer for more details.