China Has Developed The Fastest Supercomputer In The World Using Local Chip

China has overtaken the world In the new invention of technology War. Recently, China has developed the world’s fastest supercomputer. The highlight is that the country did not use any technology in Chinese supercomputer installed on all devices are prepared for China. According to the survey of the top 500 supercomputers, double the speed is faster than the previous fastest machine. Which was developed in China, but it was used chips manufactured by the American company Intel corporation.The Sunway TaihuLight

According to the survey, first time China has overtaken the United States with 167 top-ranked supercomputers, Europe has 105, Asia has 218, while the number of top-ranked supercomputers Unite State are 165. According to the report, the China National supercomputer center will be used “The Sunway TaihuLight” for meteorological and life science research.The Sunway TaihuLight 2016

The Sunway TaihuLight is endowed with 10,649,600 computing cores and is capable of carrying out some 93 quadrillion calculations per second. The new invention has eliminated all these estimates must rely on the super computing in China.