Change Color Of The Icon Representing Chosen Folder To Any Color

Rainbow Folders is an easy to use tool and allows you to change color of the icon representing chosen folder to any color you like. When the folders will be marked with the colors of your desire you won’t make any mistake and after some time you’ll be clicking the right folders by the impulse.

Rainbow Folders

Main Features:

1- Allows you to change folder’s icon color to really any you want, not one of the predefined colors.

2- Support for 4 languages: Polish, English, German & Italian. The operating system language is auto detected at program’s start and it’s interface language is changed to a proper one.

3- Free even for commercial use (so you can use it in e.g. office). But you must remember that it’s distributed under Postcard ware license.

4- · With help of this program you can colorize folders that they will look like the one from Windows NT/95/98/ME/XP/ win7 and 8.[adsense]

Rainbow Folders_2Download free from author site and if you like this then donate to support more improvement this application.