Change And Coloration Your Windows File Icon Images Into Authentic Look

FileMarker can be used in a incredible quantity of situations and for purposes ranging from basic labeling to turning icons into multi-practical mission progress signs. In case you work with more than one files at the identical time within one or greater tasks and have masses of closing dates to satisfy, being able to prioritize your work will become actually useful. For instance, you can use this application to mark documents that should be finished by means of the end of the week with a yellow coloration, as well as to set priorities and of completion values.This manner, you may usually have a clean image of the quantity of work mendacity in advance and your progress on particular tasks.FileMarker

FileMarker lets in you to coloration-mark a document, or add a label to it, or use a aggregate of a colour and a label. Using the program is extraordinarily easy – the customizable context menu is opened by using proper-clicking the vital record. Custom file icons are implemented at once after the person selects the corresponding command. With filemarker.Net, you may even replica or circulate documents with custom designed icons to every other machine with a copy of the program installed – and the authentic look of the documents may be completely preserved.FileMarker2

Download free for checking purpose, if you like then buy full version of FileMarker and enjoy its full benefits.