Best Program to Control a Computer Via the Internet at a Distance

Control a Computer Via the Internet at a Distance

How to control your home PC even when you are in the office or around with the smartphone. when you decided to stay the PC on to perform a task, but you had to leave home to go to work or around, leaving no one to check? In these cases you will not have to wait for the return home to check if the PC is doing the task assigned, but you can remotely control everything that passes on the monitor, with the ability to control the inputs (keyboard and mouse) to take the measures, to open new programs, to shut down or restart the computer etc.Control a Computer Via the Internet at a Distance
Everything works via the Internet, so you can do it from another PC connected to the network or using a smartphone with an active Internet connection. TeamViewer is good also to be able to remotely control the PCs of distant relatives or to check what your children are doing with the PC left in their custody.
The best program that you can use to remotely control a computer via the Internet is definitely TeamViewer , available for free download from here -> TeamViewer
Once installed on the PC you will not have to do is mark the code marked in the field Your ID and the password generated in the field of the same name, as shown in the image below.Your ID and the password generated
[adsense]Marking these two data, you can use them on another PC or smartphone with TeamViewer installed, by entering the ID first and then the password in the connection field. After a few seconds you will have access to your computer desktop remotely, displaying everything that goes on the screen and also being able to control the mouse and keyboard.Access to your computer desktop remotely
This program is actually a complete commerce solution, but is offered free of charge to all home users, who therefore do not have to pay anything (except to endorse any advertising message on TeamViewer products occasionally and some limitations for use on multiple machines).Once the page is open click on the green Free Download button to download the version suitable for your operating system: TeamViewer is available for Windows but also for MacOS and Linux.