Best Gifts That Every Writer Would Love To Have

It’s time to find a gift for your writer friend. Finding the perfect gift for the writer in your life can be intimidating. You’ve already bought them their fair share of mugs, bookmarks, and other literary trinkets. And they already have all of their favorite books. So what else do they want?

However, people don’t know how to choose the best gifts for their beloved friends even though they know what they like. So, here are the best gifts that range from ridiculously silly to wonderfully useful that encourage your writer friends to write, inspire them, or keep them organized.

Why would giving gifts make you happier?

Giving a gift to someone is to maintain and even strengthen the social bond with that person. The gift works as an indicator of social connection. And one of the components of psychological well-being is the feeling of connection with others. When we give gifts to someone, as when we receive them, this sense of connection increases. The effect is even more pronounced when a gift is offered in-person and the joy and gratitude are seen on the recipient’s face.

Desk Accessories:

The first item that any writer would love to have as a gift is desk accessories. An office is a special place for the writer. This is where they do their work. Desk accessories include anything that can be placed on the desk to help you write. It could be either a wooden desk organizer where they can place their gold cross pen or a desktop planner to organize. Try to choose something that matches their personality so that it feels like a truly special gift – perhaps you know a writer who can’t help but make 10 different revisions to a piece of work, so gifting them something like a set of erasable pens would be thoughtful and actually useful for them, and will be appreciated that little bit more.

Rollerball Pens:

One of the best gifts for any writer would be a Rollerball Parker Pen. Writers love to create peculiar and elegant writing. Therefore, they would love to have a PW Akkerman rollerball pen. Rollerball pens use a unique writing mechanism to create unique text. These pens use a small ball on the spindle and that ball moves to let in water-based ink on paper. It helps to create the best writing. Therefore, giving them rollerball pens is a great option and writers would love to have such pens.

Noise-canceling headphones:

Hush! The writer at work! While some writers prefer the energetic murmur of a bar while they write, many writers seek silence and calmness. The noise-canceling headphones can give your writer friend the silence he needs to write.

Card Catalog Notecard Set:

Card Game Writing becomes easily complex. Give your writer a better way to organize plots and story ideas with the set of card catalog cards.

It’s much prettier than Post-It notes and contains a good dose of nostalgia.

Autobiographies of famous authors:

I offered advice from other authors on what to gift for a writer. After all, who better than a writer, even indirectly, to help a loved one with their manuscript project? You will very easily find biographies and autobiographies on almost all famous writers of all eras. Beyond the lives of these authors, these stories shed light on each person’s inspirations, failures, and successes. It’s a great way to boost the spirits of a loved one who is doubting and hopefully give them lots of ideas.

Writer’s Clock:

Give your writer the gift of a gentle nudge and some direction with this fun writer’s watch where every hour is tagged with a task.

Now, when your writer stares aimlessly at the clock, he will be reminded to “review” or “change” something.

Ballpoint Pens:

Writers love to have great-looking pens like the Lamy 2000 ballpoint pens in their selection. Cross Ballpoint pens are the best option for ink pens. They don’t need instant ink refills when writing. Therefore, ballpoint pens are essential for writers and they really like to have ballpoint pens while traveling and at conferences.

Writing and editing software:

From a computer point of view, the list of gifts for writers includes particularly useful software. While the vast majority of writers work in Word or OpenOffice, software such as Scrivener or Scrapbook can offer comfort to the writer who is starting to write a manuscript. These programs require a distinct procedure than a traditional word processor. But once mastered, the author can easily organize his notes, his plan, or the various information on his story like places, characters, etc.

Proofreading is the most important step after writing. To help the author spot spelling and grammar mistakes and typos, why not offer a spell checker? These programs are much more complete and reliable than the spell checkers built into traditional word processors. It’s a great way for writers to focus on their work.


In conclusion, writers are very rare. Hence, their choice of gifts must be unique to their interests and love for writing. Therefore, do not hesitate and choose something from the above ideas for your beloved friends.