Be Aware of the Matching Blood Group and Save Someone Life

Blood is a vital part of the human body. lifestyles relies upon on it, and in case of emergency people should face many issues to get the matching blood institution or sometime while donating they did no longer recognize correct statistics approximately this. So I need to offer you vital facts approximately Blood group. hope it will likely be helpful for the those who do now not recognize about the matching blood group.Matching Blood Group

Blood donor can provide to someone another chance of life, and eighteen to sixty years of age can donate blood to others, and minimum weight is 45 kgs. Also Your hemoglobin is 12.5 mg% minimum and the last, blood donation was three months earlier. It is sure that you are completely fit and have not suffered from malaria, typhoid, Hepatitis c, Aids or other transmissible disease in the recent past.

Every 2 seconds someone around the world need Blood, so donate  and make the world a happy place.

  • A(+ve) can donate A(+ve) and AB(+ve).A+
  • A(-ve) can donate A(+ve), AB(-ve), AB(+ve) and A(-ve).A-
  • B(+ve) can donate B(+ve) and AB(+ve).B+
  • B(-ve) can donate B(-ve), B(+ve), AB(-ve) and AB(+ve).[adsense]B-
  • AB(+ve) can donate only AB(+ve).AB+
  • AB(-ve) can donate AB(-ve) and AB(+ve).AB-
  • O(+ve) can donate A(+ve), B(+ve), AB(+ve) and O(+ve).O+
  • O(-ve) can donate A(+ve), A(-ve), B(+ve), O(-ve), AB(-ve), AB(+ve), O(+ve) and A(-ve).A-

Donate Blood Gives Someone Another Chance At Life.