Awesome Reasons Why To Switch From Facebook To Google Plus

Very cool looking graphic and amazing information about Google Plus. On the Internet world Google+ seems to be an important part of Goggle’s strategy to connect with the web. So  Google Plus is doing great and users love it’s lot of good things and unique features. 20 awesome reasons to switch from Facebook to Google+ social network. Amazing graphically and important information and I want to share with you. Take a look below, hope you will like this.Google-Plus




  1. Nice infographic. I have been active on both facebook and google plus. I find them both equally good and there’s are no such plans from my side to leave one and join other. The points shared in the infographic makes a good read but we shouldn’t forget that facebook is the pioneer of social networks. Social Networking derived its real meaning from sites like facebook. Though I agree there have been privacy concerns for the same but finally, I also agree what Mark Zuckerberg said once – There is nothing like privacy on social networks. Google Plus may have better security settings but the recent changes in Google’s privacy policy has made things look suspicious. Finally, I feel we all have to compromise somewhere using these social networks..!

  2. Hi Aswani,
    I like you thinking about Facebook and Google+. Both are good social networks and i am attached. I think in the future Google Plus ahead from Facebook.

  3. زبردست یار۔کیا ہی عجیب موازنہ کیا ہے،گوگل پلس اور فیس بک کا۔
    ابھی تھوڑا وقت لگے گا گوگل پلس کے مشہور ہونے میں۔لیکن فیس بک بھ ایسا ہی تھا کہ ابھی چند سالں میں اسکو شھرت ملی ورنہ تو 2010 تک لوگوں میں اسکے اتنے چرے نہیں تھے۔

    ہاں اگر گگل والوں نے بھ یس بک کی طرح عنادی بننے کی کوشش کی تو پھر شائد زیادہ ترقی نہ کرسکے۔

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