Awesome And Free Online WordPress Theme detailed Detection Tool

Today when I liked the themes of some websites and need their names and detail. Then I found a powerful online detection tool to find out the themes and plugins used by my favorite WordPress sites and want to share with you. provide a free online tool that allows you to find all the details about the WordPress theme and plugins currently being used by a particular site. This tool looks for the standard information usually provided, such as the theme name, its author, version, description, etc. Simply If you want to know that a site you like is using WordPress theme then enter its URL or domain and find your result.

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1- Top WordPress Themes.

2- Top 20 Theme WordPress Providers.

3- Top 20 WordPress Plugins.

4- Its blog will be updated you about new WP themes.

5- statistic reports to check Top Themes, Providers & Plugins.[adsense]

WordPress Theme Detector

Open this link and use free online WordPress theme detection tool :