Automatic Sliding Door – Project For Final Year Engineering Students

Human nature demands more comfort to his life, which may also save time. Automatic door is one of great Project ideas for Final Year Engineering students. Automatic door is an automated movable door or barrier installed on the entry site of a room or building. This use for restricting access, provide ease of opening a door or provide visual privacy. As a result of enhanced civilization and modernization, the human nature demands more comfort to his life. The man seeks ways to do things easily and which saves time. So thus, the automatic gates are one of the examples that human nature invent to bring comfort and ease in its daily life.Automatic Sliding Door - Project

To this end, we have a great idea for Engineering students, especially final year projects. We design an automatic sliding door with a room light control system provide the mentioned needs. This was achieved by considering some factors such as economy, availability of components and research materials, efficiency, compatibility and portability and also durability in the design process.Automatic Sliding Door Circuit Diagram[adsense]Automatic Sliding Door - Project_Parts

The performance of the system after test met design specifications. This system works on the principle of breaking an infrared beam of light, sensed by a photodiode. It consists of two transmitting infrared diodes and two receiving photodiodes. The first one is for someone coming in and the second one is for someone going out of the room. The photodiodes are connected to comparators, which give a lower output when the beam is broken and high output when transmitting normally.

The general operation of the work and performance is dependent on the presence of an intruder entering through the door and how close he/she is in closer to the door. The door is meant to open automatically, but in a case where there is no power supply trying to force the door open would damage the mechanical control system of the unit. The overall work was implemented with a constructed work, tested working and perfectly functional.