Apple iPhone Alternative – OnePlus 3 Finally Come In The Market

OnePlus is an interesting company. The company says it can provide a better smartphone than others at low cost. If your pocket does not allow to buy Apple iPhone or Samsung’s new smartphone, the OnePlus 3 could be Samsung Galaxy S6 edge or the Apple iPhone 6 is the best alternative. With the high-resolution screen, the most powerful camera and fingerprint sensor, onePlus 3 is less than half the price of Apple iPhone 6. Start-up by the Chinese to be called 5.5-inch display smartphone One Plus OnePlus 2 and 3 is the successor company introduced last year. One plus the phone is waiting anxiously in the world and now finally he has already presented onePlus 3.One plus 3 Finally Come In The Market

New Features and Specifications:
New features include OnePlus-3, is used fast charging technology. Only thirty minutes to work the whole day to be fully charged. This time the phone has been completed un lock, so you can use the network of your choice. It also has a dual SIM card support, so you can enjoy the two networks together. It was before, buy this phone need for invitations, but this time the system has been finished, and now wants to buy this phone.
Battery: 3650 mAh.
Rame: 6 Gb.
Camera: 16 MP.
Storage: 64 GB.
Display: 5.5″.
Price: Rs 47000, €399, 500$.
Due to its excellent features, the price of this phone is the iPhone killer.[adsense]

Watch the video for the complete review: