Amazing Sony’s SmartWatch Can Connect Your Mobile Phone And Attend Your calls And SMS

Sony’s SmartWatch will give You world at your fingertips. Many companies work places do not allow mobile phones during the work, Sony’s SmartWatch is the best solution. Sending messages, managing playlists, calendar, voice control, attending calls, social networking sites and more facilities are available in this tiny device. Simply keep your phone in the pocket or in the bag safely and control it with your SmartWatch. Through Bluetooth you can connect calls via Android mobiles and send SMS easily.

Main Features and specifications:

1- Ultra responsive 1.3 inch OLED touch display.

2- Maximum weight is 80 Grams.

3- Bluetooth facility which helps it to connect with mobile phones.

4- Price of Smart Watch is US 150 $, in Pakistan Rs.15000/- and India Rs.6500/-[adsense]