Advantages And Disadvantages Of Honey For Human Health

Every person on the earth have heard about the benefits of this unique product of beekeeping. That is why it has taken a firm place in various recipes of traditional medicine. However, we should think not only about the positive aspects of the product, but also highlight the disadvantages that it can bring. Useful properties of this amazing product contain lots of vitamin C, B vitamins, there is a large quantity of the minerals sulfur, iron, chlorine, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium. Advantages And DisAdvantages Of HoneySugar considered as maltose, fructose, sucrose and glucose. The percentage of fructose and glucose in the product 80% and the rest time taken is 20%. The quality of honey as the presence of all nutrients depends on the quality of pollen, which is collected by bees.

Advantages Of Honey For Human Health:
Heather honey has a specific aroma and is used for rheumatism and gout, is quite an effective remedy for asthma and bronchitis. Flower honey has a calming effect on the person best suited for the elderly and children. White honey is especially helpful during colds and flu, by the properties of limes. Buckwheat honey in its composition has a lot of iron and is therefore very useful to a person who has a deficiency of this trace element.

  • Honey is considered to be an aphrodisiac that increases the activity and efficiency of sperm.
  • The way to prevent disruption of the stomach and can improve digestion.
  • Calcium helps our bones to be strong.
  • Promotes immunity. Read more about honey extractors.
  • Colds or viral infections contributes to the rapid recovery of a man, perfectly affects the respiratory system, has anti-inflammatory effect.
  • A large number of iron aids in the prevention of anemia.
  • You can use a person with diabetes.
  • It has antifungal, antiviral and anti-bacterial effect.
  • Good effect on the cardiovascular system, improves heart function, blood vessels, making it more elastic, improves the quality of the blood and strengthens the heart muscle.[adsense]

Disadvantages Of Honey For Human Health:
Talking about the dangers of honey for the human body there are several cases in which the product should be used with great caution, or abandon it altogether.

  • Diabetic honey better than sugar substitute. However, it should be consumed only after consultation with the attending physician, and only in small amounts not exceeding 2 tsp per day. You can use the following types of honey: chestnut, acacia, lime and buckwheat. For diabetic patients in large numbers honey is very harmful.
  • It is important to note that the amber color from honey should not introduce human error. Most manufacturers in the packaging of honey can be tricky, especially warming the product to facilitate packaging and make the product flow. However, when heated honey emit toxic substances, which is quite a negative impact on the human body. To avoid such a low-quality honey bee products are advised to purchase only from reliable beekeepers directly without intermediaries. Also, do not add the honey cakes and hot tea.
  • Keep in mind that this product is considered to be an alternative to sugar, and has a high caloric content. Therefore, honey should not be abused, especially if the person is obese.
  • Even though the antibacterial effect and a large amount of calcium in its composition, it may cause the development of caries. Therefore, after use, be sure to rinse your mouth.
  • If a person is allergic to honey or pollen components, the use of honey in such a case can cause an allergic reaction, for example, can lead to anaphylactic shock, or pulmonary edema. To avoid this, first you need to try the honey, eating a little of this product and see the reaction of the organism.