A Successful Remedy Method for Six Dangerous Diseases

Six Dangerous Diseases

Sometimes doctors could not get success to find out right solution regarding patient diseases. There are a number of such patients observed on the outside of hospitals, whom don’t know about their disease. Some patients are taking medicine doses regularly for cure purpose but failed. Owing to a regular dose of high potency medicine, the majority of patients from them became nervous and tense. Cost of medicine also affects the budget of the individual.Six Dangerous Diseases

In bellow, we have a solution remedy for all of such kind diseases, especially for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis-A, B and C, Jaundice, Thalassemia, Typhoid fever, Diabetes. When you read the description and detailed benefits of said remedy, you will not be realized owing to this is a fantastic experience and unique research. I wish to write some short stories from patients whom uses this remedy, as following;

  • A man who was suffering and upset due to black Jaundice and Hepatitis, consulted with his family doctor. The Doctor takes several tests. For treatment, a course comprising on expensive injections also been completed but he could not get effective results. Then he was treated with this remedy. After use of medicine, said he felt healthy and like as a rose that had not previously. Each report was perfectly normal.
  • Thalassemia is such a dangerous disease. Cure from this disease is possible, but the seed is so expensive. Patients suffering This diseas need blood once a week or a month. They do not have the ability to make blood for their own body. They are totally dependent on others to fulfill the blood deficiency. Some days before, a woman met with me whose daughter was suffering Thalassemia. She also used the said remedy to cure of Thalassemia. She got 100% effective result in sort of end Thalassemia.
  • Typhoid fever is such kind of fever which is completely ends, however, the patient could only relief for sometimes while using antibiotics. At the start of the day, patient of Typhoid fever feels that his body is broken from inner side and due to breakage, he fell lot of pain. A patient of Typhoid use this remedy as treatment. After few months he was cured forever.[adsense]
  • In the treatment of TB (Tuberculosis), 18 months are most required for taking a dose of medicine regularly by its patients. I met with a person who is suffering TB. He went abroad for the cure of TB. His family members who are already settled in Europe, treated himself with the best cure centre. Finally, he felt well. On he returns, after a few months ago, he was again feeling the same. After necessary tests taken on the advice of doctors and disease was again declared. he was so worried then. Someone told him about my following remedy. He takes a few doses in one month and after that when he examined in laboratory again, no more TB found.
  • Diabetes is one of the worst disease. A few months before, a jeweler met with me and told me that she is using my prescription for diabetes cure. He also benefited with the help of this amazing remedy. Then I plan to make a photocopy of the writing started to divide people.


1- Giloy Green (Tinospora cordifolia) 8 inch long.
2- Black pepper 21 numbers.
3- Celery 10 grams.
4- Almond nuts 21 pieces.
5- Rhubarb Root equivalent of gram.

Remedy Prescription:

Take 8 inch long Giloy green (like a vine whose leaves are round pan, ropes and climbed the walls are like trees) and make it small pieces. Now take Black pepper 21 numbers, Celery 10 grams, Almond nuts 21 pieces, Rhubarb Root equivalent of gram. Drop all of these in to ½ kg of hot water and soak overnight. In morning, blend all the mixture and drink it exactly small sip. You can use dry Giloy instead of green. It is accompanied by the advantage. The above written recipe is one time Ingredients. Drink empty stomach in the morning. Prepare daily and use this Remedy Method one week and see its magical result. Readers can Write your own experiences after use of the same and also write about their experiences and observations.