A Portable And Free Replacement Tool For Your Default Bookmark Managers

Those People who do not remember their website or URL, For those TrayURL is a useful software. It has many benefits, one of the biggest advantages is that you can keep in Software USB can be used in any PC. First you’ll create in this category, for example, you’ll create the category of software, In this software you can add the URL of the site. It is a freeware bookmark program that would provide access to bookmarks from the system tray.

Main Features:TrayURL
1- TrayURL is meant to be small freeware and portable application.

2- You can export the bookmarks to an HTML page, and allow you to paste your login information directly into the browser.

3- Abel to associate a login and a password with a URL entry.

4- Replace those fancy bookmark managers that are available out there on the web.

5- Open your most important websites when you are away from your computer. [adsense]

TrayURL Setting

You select the option to go into the browser that you use.

TrayURL option

add category then select entry and then press done tab.

TrayURL add

Select your given category type site description and give URL then press OK button.


Portable TrayURL 2.0