A Ninth Grade Student From Lahore Invented A New Traffic Control System

Pak Turk School Lahore Abid Abdullah, son of Mohammad Ismail Mohammad Abid is a webcam software designed to signal mddksy also see the four sides of the vehicle traffic controls. Most vehicles by which to them through the system vehicles in less time and which direction they are given less time. This is an important traffic control system that kusrk drivers via SMS or radio signal is blocked while seeing suspicious activity is reported to the police.

Traffic Control System

The system after the Turkish administration Abid Turkey’s capital Ankara in global IT competitiveness to attend sent to the United States, Thailand, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Nigeria, Albania aurbrazyl including 48 countries students 176 Project kyythy presented. His other awards and competitions organizers Mohammad Abdullah was entitled to three hundred dollars. Successfully complete tury in response to the argument that the Director of Education for the development of technology qrug is essential and we encourage Pakistani students will continue.