A Great Tools Kit For Programmers Of Urdu Information Processing


UrduKit is a compulsory Urdu software consisting of several software tools. Useful for programmers in Urdu information processing and production challenges. Latest version would have 5 very useful tools like Inpage to Unicode Convertor, Unicode To Inpage Convertor, Urdu Text Cleaner, English To Urdu Dictionary, Easy Word Finder.UrduKit-

UrduKit Useful & Important Tools:

1- Inpage to Unicode Converter tool will help you to convert InPage Urdu documents to Unicode standard quickly and easily.

2- Unicode To Inpage Converter tool will help you to convert Unicode standard documents to InPage Urdu quickly and easily.

3- Urdu Text Cleaner will cleanup and normalizes Urdu text in a standardized fashion.

4- English To Urdu Dictionary is more useful electronic dictionary for your desktop computer.

5- Easy Word Finder software is a great tool for you to quickly locate Urdu meanings of any English word. [adsense]UrduKit Tools

Download latest trial Version 7.83 , if you like then buy from its official website.

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