A Great Play Station And Fun Game For Kids By Which Learn Through Playing

Sebran’s ABC is a very interesting and educational application, not for adults but your younger sisters, brothers and for young age children who are in school. This software is for school going children up to Level 2, but if you prefer you can also use it to check your dictionary. This software is the KBs in size, but there are a lot of things for the children’s interest. Children can use this software can also improve your typing speed. In addition, math drill for children, letter games, picture games are there. Below picture you can see the details. The software named is “Serban”.


Sebran’s ABC is freeware and runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.For children interested in learning computer software is very useful, It is expected that you will use this software and must give their valuable opinion. You can download the latest version of this free interesting software from Sebran’s homepage: www.wartoft.se