A Great Platform To Protect Your Personal Data And Own Creations

MyFreeCopyright.com is a great platform to protect your personal data and own creations. They protect your creative expression which included books, scripts, websites, lesson plans, blogs and any other forms of writings, photographs and other visual images, films, video games and other visual materials and audio works etc. They provides a special service when you upgrade to the yearly payment plan. They allow any one to find a copyright by submitting the original file, entering the MCN, or entering the URL to a Blog.


MyFreeCopyright Benefits:

  • After registration they provide you a registration badge which can be placed on your website or other Internet location which points to your copyright verification page. This badge will prove to others your copyright is Registered & Protected.
  • They will give you plan to stores the fingerprint as well, which allows you and others to return to this service and verify the copyright.
  • They provide you a logo to display on your website and a proof of your Copyright infringement and show that you have taken steps to Protect your creations.
  • After protected Your original creation MyFreeCopyright will automatically scan the Internet on a regular basis to see if your creation is copied. If they found your creation being copied they will notify you quickly via Email.

For more detail and registration www.myfreecopyright.com