A Free Small Tool To Re-Enable Regedit, Cmd, Task Manager, Folder Options In Windows 7 and 8

When the virus is attacked, then many of the options are disabled, like Folder Options and Task Manager in Windows. There are many things to help them. Because of this, many people have to re-install Windows. To solve this problem, I want to share a very nice and small software for all of you. I hope you will like this. To download this tiny software, and run that option has disable, and enable them to check the box. Thus the option will be enabled. The software has many other programs and its solutions, which you may need at any time.Re-Enable v2

[adsense]Re-Enable Main Options and Tools:

Restore F8 safe mode menu, Registry editor, Command console (cmd), System restore, Start menu Run command, Task manager, Task scheduler, Safe mode, Right click context menu, My computer properties, Folder options, Windows explorer search, start menu search, Reset file and folder attributes, Ms Config, Restore explorer registry key, Re-enable will also edit hosts file, Scan and delete Autorun.inf files etc.Re-Enable v2 (2)

Simply Click and Download free, file size is just 1 MB www.tangosoft.co.uk