6 Top Tips for Attending Your First Convention

Technology fans, comic book lovers, avid video gamers, and movies buffs are spoilt for choice when it comes to conventions. From New York Comic Con to Anime Festival Asia, there’s bound to be an event to match your personality and passion.

If you have never attended a convention before, you might be unsure about what to expect, what to do, or the best way to embrace the experience. If so, check out these six top tips for attending your first convention.

Start Small

If you haven’t bought tickets to a convention yet, it’s best to start small. Attending a major event may feel overwhelming and may tarnish the experience. A small to medium sized event will allow you to build your confidence with crowds and learn how conventions work. You’ll then feel more excited to attend a big-league event, such as San Diego’s Comic-Con or AnimeJapan.

Research the Event First

The special guests will make or break your convention experience. Enjoy every minute of the event by researching the special guests first. For example, they might have many actors, directors, writers, artists, or designers that you admire attending. It will ensure you walk away from the convention feeling happy and satisfied, which could increase your passion for a genre.

Dress Up

Cosplay is huge at many of the world’s biggest conventions. If you love the idea of dressing up as a specific character, you’ll need to take it seriously. Many fans spend months planning a character’s outfit and bringing the role to life through their behavior and personality. If this sounds fun, you’ll need to invest in a realistic outfit and quality cosplay supplies to look and feel like your chosen role. It will help you stand out at the convention and have fun with other fans.

Create a Plan

With many things to see and do at a convention, you might worry about missing out on a special guest signing or panel. Prevent disappointment by creating a plan for the event. Most conventions provide attendees with a schedule, floor map, and a list of exhibitors in advance.

Prioritize the activities you must see or do at the convention, and anything else will be a bonus. Remember to give yourself time for each activity, too, as you may need to arrive early and wait in line for a signing, panel, or to receive exclusive merchandise.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

It doesn’t matter if you dress up as a character or yourself; you must wear comfortable shoes to a convention, especially if you’re attending a big event. As you will spend most of the time on your feet, a good pair of shoes will ease tiredness and pain after a long, fun-filled day.

Pack a Water Bottle

Most conventions are long, hot, and busy, which is why you would be wise to pack a water bottle. Sips of water throughout the event will cool down while increasing your energy levels. As it can combat fatigue, it may result in you spending a longer time at the event, meeting more special guests, and connecting with fellow fans.