6 Reasons Why You Should Create Memories With Your Kids


It’s an often said thing, but you can’t take anything with you when you go. Most people will not remember the things you buy for them, but they will remember the time you spent together.

This Generation

For most people, the most important thing they will leave behind is their children. How do you want your kids to remember you? As a person that was never around or someone that was always there for them? Do you want them to be able to tell stories about all the fun they had with dad and mom…Or not. It’s up to you.

Here are some excellent reasons why memories matter.

They keep memories alive of events, places, and people.

There’s nothing like being remembered for something and being connected to the world.

Often when we miss someone, we can pull up lovely memories of them, and it keeps them alive.

If your kids are younger, they won’t remember you. They won’t remember your smell, the way you laugh, or how soft your hair is. However, you will be able to show them pictures and tell them stories, and it will fill that longing in their heart to have had a father or mother that cared more about them than the car keys or other material items you could have bought for them.

Memories keep families together today, tomorrow, and forever.

When we talked about creating memories, it’s the time spent together that means the most.

Whether you’ve got young kids who love sitting on their giant bean bag chairs and listening to stories from your past, or older teens who will sit with you and ask you for your advice for your life, spending time together is important, and making memories ensures your family will stay together.

Memories last forever.

We all have memories that were created in our childhood, and we look back on them fondly.

With digital cameras and such, you can capture even more memories than ever before, from your first day of school to your last. From your first girlfriend to your wedding day, you’re sure to have a ton of great memories that were created with the love of your life.

Create memorable things for your kids that they’ll cherish forever.

Maybe it’s writing a book about their favorite stories or recording yourself reading them a bedtime story every night until they are grown up.

Maybe they need a family picture, or better yet, why not make all of their family pictures and put them in a book.

Create things that will be useful to your kids, and they will treasure them forever.

Memories give you something to look forward to.

Memories keep you young in age and able to communicate across the generations.

You may not be able to travel the world, but when you look back at all the memories you have of your kids, grandkids, or even yourself as a child, it makes you feel good knowing that it’s not too late for those memories to come true.